Team Canada looking for gold in lumberjack competition

The time-honoured tradition of lumberjacks competiting to see who’s truly the most skilled and sturdy became a sport in 1985 when STIHL USA joined forces with sports channel ESPN to create the STIHL Timbersports Series.

2015 marked the 15th year for the competition series in Europe.

Logging requires tremendous athleticism, strength, precision and power. Today the world’s best athletes compete in national and international events featuring three axe disciplines – springboard chop, underhand chop and standing block chop – and three sawing disciplines – single buck, stock saw and the open class, modified hot saw. Athletes compete against each other and the clock.

Stirling Hart is one of six loggers representing Canada this year.

“I am excited to be a part of Team Canada once again for the 5th consecutive year,” says Hart, who is just coming off an international stage win at the World Champions Trophy in Marseille, France in May. “The 2017 World Championships didn’t go as well as we expected, so we are hungry for a big win. Bringing home a gold medal this year, after winning the World Champions Trophy, would be everything to me.”

The STIHL Timbersports World Championships are being held in Liverpool, England October 19 to 20.

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