Don’t leave your pets in a hot car

It only takes minutes for a vehicle to reach deadly temperatures

With much of the country experiencing a heat wave heading into the Canada Day long weekend, the Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners about the dangers of leaving pets unattended in vehicles.

Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even with the car parked in the shade and the windows open. Dogs have a limited ability to sweat, so even a short time in a hot environment can be life-threatening.

“On hot days like these, it only takes minutes for a vehicle to reach deadly temperatures,” says Connie Mallory, Chief Inspector, Ontario SPCA. “There is never an excuse for leaving your pet unattended in a vehicle – not even for a minute while you run into a store.”

Leaving pets at home where they are cool and safe is the best option during hot summer weather. If you’re travelling with your pet this weekend, plan ahead. Run errands and pick up supplies in advance of your road trip with your pet, or ensure someone is with your pet in the vehicle at all times.

If you see a pet suffering in the heat, call 310-SPCA (7722) or your local police immediately and ask nearby businesses to page the owner to return to their vehicle.

For more information go to nohotpets.ca and take the pledge to never leave an animal in a vehicle. Those who pledge will get a free No Hot Pets window decal for their vehicles, while supplies last.

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