TTC takes another step toward zero emissions

Transit giant orders 10 new battery-electric heavy-duty transit buses with unlimited-range potential

With the recent order of 10 new 40-foot, battery-electric heavy-duty transit buses, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) took another step toward transforming its fleet to 100% zero-emission by 2040.

According to acting TTC CEO Rick Leary, in late 2017 the TTC board approved the Green Bus Technology plan to purchase more than 600 new buses in multiple phases.

“In 2019, we will see the first of 60 all-electric, zero emission vehicles on the streets,” Leary says. “By 2025 the TTC will only purchase zero-emission buses, and by 2040, our entire bus fleet will be zero emission.”


“Together, these new buses will mean a reduction in the TTC’s carbon footprint by approximately 64,200 tons of GHG-causing emissions each year. Not only will we be cutting GHGs, these new vehicles will allow the TTC to save more than $21 million every year through reduced fuel costs,” says Leary.

The recently ordered XcelsiorCHARGE™ busses from New Flyer Industries, the Canadian subsidiary of North America’s largest bus manufacturer NFI Group Inc., offer multiple Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and charging solutions.

On-route Charging

The on-route rapid charger provides the means for the electric bus to stay in service 24 hours daily with charge bars that connect with the bus’s battery system at key stops.

Range Capability

Xcelsior CHARGE™ has a range of up to 418 kilometres on a single charge, but with on-route charging, range is unlimited.

Plug-in Charging

Plug-in chargers are available as a supplement or alternative to on-route rapid chargers and can be used for overnight, mid-day and off-route charging.

“New Flyer is proud to provide battery-electric, zero-emission buses to the Toronto community, and is committed to leading the collaboration and advancement of Smart Mobility throughout North America,” says Jennifer McNeill, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, New Flyer. “We look forward to working with TTC as it paves the way for zero-emission transportation in Canada, while improving mobility for the GTA and preserving its surrounding environment.”

The TTC is the third largest transit system in North America, delivering more than 536 million trips per year with subways, streetcars, buses, and a specialized service, Wheel-Trans, for persons with disabilities whose disability prevents them from using conventional transit.

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