New Camosun VR studio a manufacturing “game-changer”

The studio saves time, reduces costs and leads to better design & manufacturing techniques.

Virtual reality is revolutionizing manufacturing and the Camosun Innovates team is leading the way with an exciting new studio space.

The new VR studio at the Camosun College Interurban Campus gives manufacturers a more thorough understanding of their designs by seeing pre-production models in scale, says Hebron Watson, who programmed the VR lab’s software.

In the lab, users put on headsets with goggles connected to a computer with pre-programmed settings that simulates environments like research spaces where models can be picked up, turned around and seen from every angle.

“The studio saves time, reduces cost and leads to better design and manufacturing techniques,” says Watson. “When people can only see through a computer screen, they end up spending more time figuring out if it’s right. Virtual reality is intuitive,” he says, “you can quickly get the information needed to start the manufacturing process.”


Schools are under pressure to innovate and VR is emerging tech that’s time has come.

“There’s a lot of technological disruption happening in the world right now,” says Jamie VanDenbossche, Associate Director of Camosun Innovates. “The industrial revolution took decades, but what’s happening now is in real-time. Our job is to be at the forefront and VR gives us an exciting opportunity to do that.”

VR means manufacturers are no longer constrained by the cost or availability of materials, says VanDenbossche. “Traditionally, manufacturing took a block of something, milled it down and transformed it into something else that’s tangible. When you step into the 3-D world, you don’t need a block of something. Your idea starts from absolutely nothing. No limits. That’s a game changer.”

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