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Yasuko Thanh wins 2017 Victoria Book Prize

Yasuko Thanh was named the winner of the14th annual City of Victoria Butler Book Prize for Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains, published by Hamish Hamilton.

In Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains, Thanh transports readers into a vivid, historical Vietnam, one that is filled with chaotic streets, teeming marketplaces, squalid opium dens, and angry ghosts that exist side by side with the living. Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains won the Rogers Writers Trust for Fiction Prize and was nominated for the First Novel Award.


Previous to winning the Journey Prize for her short story Floating Like the Dead in 2009, Thanh earned her living as a busker, an opium dealer, a cleaner of goat pens, a bed and breakfast operator, a housekeeper, and a panhandler. In 2013, she was named one of 10 writers to watch by CBC Books.

Thanh completed her Bachelor of Arts as well as a Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of Victoria. She also screams in the punk band 12 Gauge Facial.

The City of Victoria Butler Book Prize celebrates its 14th year in 2017 and is a partnership between the City of Victoria and Brian Butler of Butler Brothers Supplies.

The Victoria Book Prize Society establishes the policy and criteria for the prizes, appoints the juries, and
administers the competitions. For more information, visit:


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