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Fight fraud with these tips from the RCMP

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada

More and more criminals are using technology and diligency-gaps in our daily routines to steal money and information.Here are some tips from the RCMP to avoid becoming a victim.

1. Get spoof proof 

Impersonation scams, particularly those involving government agencies such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), continue to be a frequent occurrence across the country. Fraudsters use technology to trick victims into believing that they owe money to these legitimate organizations.

SOLUTION: Protect yourself by calling the organization back at a number that is publically known in order to verify the information.

Also, remember that payment in the form of gift cards or bitcoin are never requested by reputable agencies.


2. Protect the elderly in your life 

Unfortunately those most vulnerable, including the elderly, are key targets for scam artists. It is also true that the elderly can be preyed upon by scammers within their own family.

SOLUTION: If you suspect someone is taking financial advantage of someone you know, please contact your local police.

For more information on financial abuse of seniors, visit the Government of Canada website.

3. Mind your business 

Another issue is internal fraud committed by employees of businesses or organizations, including misappropriation of funds and false expense claims.These incidents highlight the need for organizations of all sizes to ensure they have safeguards in place to protect against fraud.

SOLUTION: Make sure your employees know how to properly identify a scam, get an overall internal risk assement and develop systems for proper reporting.

For more information on business fraud, visit the Competition Bureau website.


4. Don’t get nailed by the mail

Once thieves steal a piece of your mail, they will usually attempt to assume your identity for financial benefit. They will often try to obtain more of your mail in order to build a profile and perpetuate the fraud even further.

SOLUTION: Check your mail daily, always report damage and suspicious activity around mailboxes, and shred your personal documents.

For more about protecting your identity, visit the RMCP website.

If you are a victim of fraud, please contact your local police and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online.

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