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Victoria developer launches anxiety-fighting app

Rootd is panic attack & anxiety relief, in your pocket

Mental health is a critical issue on university campuses with anxiety being commonplace in today’s student populations. Rootd, a new app created by local developer Ania Wysocka, delivers on-demand methods for managing anxiety and panic attacks as they happen.

“Rootd was inspired by the lack of resources for treating anxiety,” says Wysocka. “The app combines effective exercises with accessibility and gamification to reduce the stigma felt by those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.”

According to the World Health Organization, discrimination and difficulty accessing resources keeps more than half of anxiety sufferers from seeking treatment.


Stopping a panic attack shouldn’t be embarrassing, Wysocka says. Rootd’s approachable and fun design is intended to make people feel comfortable having the app open on their screen anywhere, anytime they need it.

Rootd helps those in crisis by being available on both Apple & Android devices, which most people have on them at all times, and by encouraging users to engage in healing habits.

To learn more about Rootd, visit: Download the app for free on the App Store & Google Play.

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